Durante el día de hoy la página web de la American Mathematical Society ha cerrado en apoyo a la Comunidad Negra con el siguiente mensaje:

A day of action in STEM to address racial inequity
Wednesday June 10, 2020

In support of and in solidarity with the Black community and ShutDownSTEM, the American Mathematical Society is closed today.

We will use this time to listen, learn, reflect, and focus on our action plan to eradicate racial inequity, especially for Black lives in mathematics. #ShutDownSTEM #BlackLivesMatter #ShutDownAcademia #Strike4BlackLives #ShutDownMath

También ArXiV se ha sumado a la campaña con este mensaje:

#STRIKE4BLACKLIVES arXiv staff is pausing business-as-usual to join scientists participating in the #strike4blacklives and #shutdownSTEM. There will be no announcement on the evening of Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Article submissions received at or after 14:00 ET Monday, June 8 and before 14:00 ET Wednesday, June 10 will be announced at 20:00 ET Wednesday, June 10. We encourage arXiv readers to use the time they would normally spend reading the daily announcement or submitting an article to instead read about racism and discuss how they will work in their own local and professional communities to address it. For more information, read our staff statement here.